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Before-Sales Questions

Q: I’m new to surveillance cameras, do these keep recording nonstop then I would have to delete the videos I have already seen to make space for more?

A: This depends on the size of your internal hard drive disk and the times you record. If you wish to record continuously, you can set up the period of time in settings. However, you do need to back up previous footages or delete footages when the hard drive disk is full. Otherwise, you will need to format the disk once it reaches its full capacity.

DVR Setup Related Questions

Q: How do I install internal hard drive disk?

A: Remove screws and open the cover of your DVR. Plug into hard disk data line and power cord. When the hard diskdrive is fully installed, place it on the screw holes and tighten the drive screw. Lastly, close the back cover of the DVR.

Q: Does the DVR works without installing an internal hard drive?

Y: Yes, the DVR can work without the internal hard drive. However, it will only support real time monitoring, not recording. You will have to install an internal hard drive for video recording.

Q: What type of hard drive disk does the DVR support? What’s the maximum size for the hard drive?

A: The DVR can only support one internal 3.5 inch SATA/SATA2/SATA3 Hard Drive for recording. The maximum size for the hard drive is 2TB. External hard drive or memory stick can only be used as USB back up, not for recording.

Q: When I first booted up my dvr, it’s asking me for an administrator password. Is there a default password? How do I set up the administrator account?

A: The default administrator account is as followed. Username: admin and no password is needed.

Q: How do I reset my password?

This depends on the specific DVR Kit you purchase. We can provide you with super password kit to reset your password once you inform us with the channel number of your DVR, a picture of your DVR as well as the loading page of your CMS Monitoring Software.

Q: Why can’t I access the mobile app with my DVR admin account?

A: First, you have to set up the IP Address, Gateway, and Primary DNS on your DVR to make sure its network compatibility. Then, download the phone app and type in your DVR account information as instruction. Input the serial number of your DVR, now you’re all set for remote access. Please also noted that it’s essential to set up the Gateway and DNS exactly the same for your DVR and computer. Otherwise, your mobile devices cannot proceed to extranet remote access.

CCTV DVR Kit Features Questions

Q: Does the phone app work on a windows phone?

A: No, it does not support windows phone. However, we do support iPhones and android phones.

Q: Does it support Mac?

A: No, it does not support Mac. However, we do support windows operating system PC.

Q: Does it have audio?

A: The cameras only supports video output. However, you can purchase separate audio pickup microphone with matching socket to the DVR for video recording with sound.

Q: What does remote access mean, from anywhere, you mean worldwide? I can control it from any country?

A: You can view and record surveillance video footages using our phone app.

Q: How long will the 500GB hard drive record?

A: It depends. For D1 DVR and four camera recording, it allows up to 10 days of continuous recording. For CIF and four camera recording, it allows up to 18 days of continuous recording.

Q: Why does the DVR remind me that the hard disk needs to be formatted after a period of time of recording?

A: This might happen when the HDD reaches full capacity, you can choose to either cover old videos or stop recording. If you need to record new footage, please back up all that have been recorded and format the disk as instructed.

Q: Will this work with the windows 10 upgrade?

A: No, it only supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8.

Q: What browser does the system support?

A: The system only supports to 32 Bit IE browser or you can use the CMS Monitoring software.

Q: When you’re not accessing via a smart phone, is this system sucking up bandwidth. I have limited monthly bandwidth on my Wi-Fi.

A: the mobile app is best used under Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/LTE data.

Q: I am having trouble with the connection to TV, HDMI is not showing picture on TV, is there a step that has to be done to change from serial port to HDMI?

A: You don’t need to change any settings for it to connect with HDMI monitors. However, if you cannot see any images on such monitors, perhaps you can change your monitor’s resolution settings or change to another monitor.

Q: How safe is it to use the app to view my camera? Can anybody else see it or hack into it?

A: The app is safe to use, your videos are secured and protected in your account with your username and password.

Q: The manual is too vague, is there any other way to see step-by-step setup tutorials?

A: Yes, you can check out Floureon’s official YouTube page’s tutorial playlist: https://youtu.be/YsAgfJSngdc?list=PLyZrowVYwbuBS8b-pDVtsLOiAdKhPkqkT

Q: Can I hook the DVR up to my laptop and use the laptop’s hard drive?

A: No, the DVR requires a completely independent hard drive disk for recording. You can use external USB hard drive for back up.

Q: What’s the coverage of monitored areas under motion detection?

A: All areas covered by the camera monitoring allow motion detection feature. Also, you can set up sensitivity for the cameras to customize the areas you want alert the most. In addition, if trigger motion detection, the DVR will start recording and send you email alerts. We advise you to use Gmail to make sure you will get these alerts on time.

Q: How do I view video playback on my monitor?

A: First, you have to make sure that you have recorded the videos. Next, to view previous video footages that you have recorded, you can right click the mouse and click the “playback” key on the software interface. You have options to select different channels to view.

Q: How do I search for specific video that has been recorded?

A: Each video file is labeled with date and you can use the date as your searching element.

Security Cameras Questions

Q: I plugged in my cameras to the system but there’s no images coming out?

A: To see if your cameras are well-functioned, please use your hand to cover the front of the camera, and check if the LED lights are glowing, if yes, your cameras are connected to the power. If not, please change your power supply to another outlet and try again.

Q: My cameras is blurry after a few uses in raining days, what happened?

A: The blurry image might be retained moisture in the camera caused by the temperature difference from the camera to the humid weather. This condition should go away in 2-3 hours in dry environment.

Q: What kind of wiring is required for the cameras? Am I going to have to hire an electrician to run power to the cameras?

A: The cameras come with power and video cables (BNC) for power supply and DVR connection. The socket for power adaptor for cameras is 12V 2A.

Q: Why does my camera only show in Black and White?

A: The cameras will automatically switch to black and white when there’s not enough lights. In day time, the images shown are in color. If your cameras does not show in color during day time, please check if you have set up the camera in your DVR to PAL system.