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/ FLOUREON® 18V 3000Ah Ni-MH Replacement Battery

FLOUREON® 18V 3000Ah Ni-MH Replacement Battery

FLOUREON 18V 3000mAh Ni-MH Red Replacement Rechargeable Battery for MAKITA SC190DWDE 4334D 5026DA 5026DB 5026DWA 5026DWB 5026DWD 5026DWFE

Product Specification:

  • Brand:Floureon
  • Chemistry:Rechargeable Battery
  • Cell Type:Ni-MH
  • Cell Numbers:15-Cell
  • Voltage:18V
  • Color:Red

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  • Germany
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-FLOUREON company was formed in 2005. Through organic growth the company has expanded its Market presence and capabilities as represented in its four locations across North America.
- All of FLOUREON batteries comply with RoHS and CE quality testing standards.
- FLOUREON Stands: More professional, Higher quality and Better service.


FLOUREON® 19.2 Volt 2000mAh NI-CD High Capacity Replacement for CRAFTSMAN Tools


- Brand: FLOUREON®
- Chemistry: Rechargeable Battery
- Cell Type: Ni-MH
- Voltage: 18V
- Capacity: 3000mAh
- Color: Red
- Battery Weight: 820g/28.92oz
- Package Dimension: 150.00 x 98.00 x 130.00 mm/ 5.91 x 3.86 x 5.12 inch
- Package Weight: 845g/29.81oz
- Warranty : 12 Months

Replace Original MAKITA Battery Code
1822, 1823, 1834, 1835, 1833
192826-5, 192827-3, 192828-1, 192829-9,
193159-1, 193140-2, 193102-0, PA18

Fit Original MAKITA Model
Makita BMR100, Makita ML180 (Flashlight), Makita ML183 (Flashlight)

Makita SC190DWDE

Makita UB181 Series
Makita UB181D, Makita UB181DZ

Makita 4000 Series
Makita 4334D, Makita 4334DWA, Makita 4334DWAE, Makita 4334DWD, Makita 4334DWDE

Makita 5000 Series
Makita 5026DA, Makita 5026DB, Makita 5026DWA, Makita 5026DWB, Makita 5026DWD, Makita 5026DWFE
Makita 5036DA, Makita 5036DB, Makita 5036DWA, Makita 5036DWB, Makita 5036DWD, Makita 5036DWFE
Makita 5046DA, Makita 5046DB, Makita 5046DWA, Makita 5046DWB, Makita 5046DWD, Makita 5046DWDE, Makita 5046DWFE Makita 5620DWD
Makita 5621DWA, Makita 5621DWD, Makita 5621RDWA

Makita 6000 Series
Makita 6343D, Makita 6343DBE, Makita 6343DWA, Makita 6343DWB, Makita 6343DWDE, Makita 6343DWFE
Makita 6347D, Makita 6347DWAE, Makita 6347DWDE, Makita 6347DWFE
Makita 6349DWDE, Makita 6349DWFE, Makita 6390DWAE
Makita 6936FD, Makita 6936FDWDE

Makita 8000 Series
Makita 8390DWAE, Makita 8391DWAE, Makita 8391D
Makita 8443D, Makita 8443DWAE, Makita 8443DWDE, Makita 8443DWFE
Makita 8444DWDE, Makita 8444DWFE

Makita JR180 Series
Makita JR180D, Makita JR180DWA, Makita JR180DWB, Makita JR180DWAE, Makita JR180DWBE, Makita JR180DWD, Makita JR180DWDE

Makita LS711 Series
Makita LS711D, Makita LS711DWA, Makita LS711DWBEK, Makita LS711DZ

Makita LS800 Series
Makita LS800D, Makita LS800DWA, Makita LS800DWAE, Makita LS800DWB, Makita LS800DWD, Makita LS800DWBE, Makita LS800DZ, Makita LS800WB