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/ 3X Floureon Uniden BT-1008 Battery A 2.4V 900mAh Ni-MH Fruit Green

3X Floureon Uniden BT-1008 Battery A 2.4V 900mAh Ni-MH Fruit Green

Original FLOUREON 2.4V 900mAh Ni-MH Cordless Phone Batteries for Uniden BT-1008 BT-1016 BT-1021 WITH43-269 WX12077 DECT1480 Fruit Green

Product Specification:

  • Brand:Floureon
  • Chemistry:Ni-MH
  • Cell Type:Replacement Battery
  • Cell Numbers:2S
  • Voltage:2.4V 900mAh

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-FLOUREON company was formed in 2005. Through organic growth the company has expanded its Market presence and capabilities as represented in its four locations across North America.
- All of FLOUREON batteries comply with RoHS and CE quality testing standards.
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Floureon 2.4V 900mAh 2S Ni-MH


- Brand: FLOUREON®
- Chemistry: Ni-MH
- Cell Type: Replacement Battery
- Cell Numbers: 2S
- Voltage: 2.4V
- Capacity: 900mAh

NOTE: This battery pack made of Two pieces of Ni-MH cells. Please charge it with a professional battery charger.

Floureon 2S 900mAh Ni-MH

- Unit Weight:  25.00g / 0.98oz
- Total Weight:  88.00g / 3.43oz
- Certification: CE RoHS MSDS UN38.3


Compatible with Cordless Phone Models:
. Dantona: BATT-1008, BATT1008
. Empire: CPH-515B, CPH515B
. Energizer: ER-P152, ERP152
. Interstate Batteries: ATEL0031, TEL0031
. Lenmar: CBBT1008, CB-BT1008
. Radio Shack: 23-596, 23596, 23-931, 23931, 43-221, 43221, 43-223, 43223, 43-269, 43269
. Sanyo: CAS-D6325, CASD6325
. Uniden: BT-1008, BT1008, BT-1008S, BT1008S, BT-1016, BT1016, BT-1021, TG0645001, BBTG0734001, DCX-200, DCX200, DCX-210, DCX210, D1364BK, D1383, D1384, D1483, D1484, DECT 1588, DECT1588, D1660, D1680, D1685, D1688, D1760, D1760W, D1780, D1785, D1785T, D1788, D1788T, DCX160, DCX170, DCX170W, DCX170T, DECT1480, DECT 2060, DECT2060, DECT 2060-2, DECT2060-2, DECT 20602, DECT20602, DECT 2080, DECT2080, DECT 2080-2, DECT2080-2, DECT 20802, DECT20802, DECT 2080-2W, DECT2080-2W, DECT 20802W, DECT20802W, DECT 2080-3, DECT2080-3, DECT 20803, DECT20803, DECT 2080-5, DECT2080-5, DECT 20805, DECT20805, DECT 2085, DECT2085, DECT 2085-2, DECT2085-2, DECT 20852, DECT20852, DECT 2085-2W, DECT2085-2W, DECT 20852W, DECT20852W, DECT 2085-3, DECT2085-3, DECT 20853, DECT20853, DECT 2085-4WX, DECT2085-4WX, DECT 20854WX, DECT20854WX, DECT 2088, DECT2088, DECT 2088-2, DECT2088-2, DECT 20882, DECT20882, DECT 2088-2PT, DECT2088-2PT, DECT 20882PT, DECT20882PT, DECT 2180, DECT2180, DECT 2180-2, DECT2180-2, DECT 21802, DECT21802, DECT 2180-3, DECT2180-3, DECT 21803, DECT21803, DECT 2180-4, DECT2180-4, DECT 21804, DECT21804, DECT 2185, DECT2185, DECT 2185-2, DECT2185-2, DECT 21852, DECT21852, DECT 2188, DECT2188, DECT 2188-3, DECT2188-3, DECT 21883, DECT21883, DECT 3080-2, DECT3080-2, DECT 30802, DECT30802, DECT 3080-3, DECT3080-3, DECT 30803, DECT30803, DWX207, DWX-207, WXI2077, WXI-2077, WX12077
Fllowing Uniden Dect 6.0 Phone Models:
D1361, D1361BK, DECT1363BK, D1364, D1364-2, D1364-3, D1364BK, D1384, D1384BK, D1384-2, D1384-2BK, D1384-3, D1384-4, D1384-4BK, D1384-5, D1384-6, D1483BK, D1483W, D1660, D1660-2, D1660-2T, D1660-3, D1660-4, D1680, D1680-2, D1680-3, D1680-3T, D1680-3X, D1680-4, D1680-8, D1685, D1685-2, D1685-3, D1685-4, D1685-5, D1688, D1688-2, D1688-2T, D1688-3, D1688-4, D1688-5, D1760, D1760-2, D1760-2W, D1760-3, D1780-2, D1780-2BT, D1780-2W, D1780-3, D1780-3BT, D1780-4, D1785, D1785-10, D1785-11, D1785-12, D1785-2, D1785-2T, D1785-3, D1785-3T, D1785-4, D1785-5, D1785-6, D1785-7, D1785-8, D1785-9, D1788-10, D1788-11, D1788-12, D1788-2, D1788-3, D1788-4, D1788-5, D1788-6, D1788-7, D1788-8, D1788-9, D2997, D2997-2, D2997-3, D2997-4, D2997-5, D2997-6, D2998, D2998-2, D2998-3, D2998-4, D2998-5, D2998-6, D3097, D3097-10, D3097-12, D3097-2, D3097-3, D3097-4, D3097-5, D3097-6, D3097-7, D3097-8, D3097-9, D3097S, D3098, D3098S, D3500, D3580-2, D3580-3, D3588, D3588-2, D3588-3, DCX160, DCX170, DCX170BT, DCX170T, DCX170W, DCX200, DCX210, DCX291, DCX309, DCX309S, DCX350, DECT2060, DECT2060-2, DECT2080, DECT2080-2, DECT2080-2W, DECT2080-3, DECT2080-4, DECT2080-5, DECT2085-2, DECT2085-2W, DECT2085-3, DECT2085-4, DECT2085-4WX, DECT2085-5, DECT2088, DECT2088-2, DECT2180-2, DECT2180-3, DECT2180-4, DECT2185, DECT2185-2, DECT2185-3, DECT2188, DECT2188-2, DECT2188-3

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At the same times, please kindly compare the dimension with your original battery.
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